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1 Pallet Vacuum Cooling System

  • 1 Pallet Vacuum Cooling System
  • 1 Pallet Vacuum Cooling System
  • 1 Pallet Vacuum Cooling System
1 Pallet Vacuum Cooling System1 Pallet Vacuum Cooling System1 Pallet Vacuum Cooling System

1 Pallet Vacuum Cooling System

  • Model: HXV-1P
  • Process capacity: 500~600kgs
  • Vacuum Chamber Size: 1.4*1.5*2.2m
  • Power: 20kw
  • Product description: 1 Pallet Vacuum Cooling System

Vacuum Cooler is not cold storage equipment, but cooling processing equipment before product put into cold storage room or shelf. After vacuum cooling, product physiological change slow down, its storage life and shelf life are extended. Vacuum cooler is designed by lower water boiling point temperature at low pressure and high evaporation heat with following features:

  1. Fast cooling speed:15-30mins to desired temperature.
  2. Average cooling:Product surface free water evaporation take itself heat to realize cooling purpose from inside to outside,average temperature drop.
  3. Clean and hygiene: able to kill bacterial or restrain bacterial reproduce in vacuum environment, also prevent cross contamination.
  4. Thin layer drying effect: unique effect for curing produce surface hurt and restraining its expansion.
  5. Unlimitation on packing:Only with small hole on packing,produce average cooling can be realized.
  6. High fresh preservation:can maximum keep product original color, flavor, taste and shelf life.
  7. High automation:control refrigeration system and vacuum system by sensor, conveniently adjust vacuum degree, remote control to monitor equipment running and fast troubleshooting.
  8. High precision:With high precision digital temperature display, mositure controller to control vacuum degree and mositure exactly.
  9. Safe and stable: adopt brand electric components to guarantee machine running stably, long life time and safe operation.

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