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Special Products

  • OEM


  • Application : Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Fluorescent Powder, Oil and Gas, Industrial Gas, Electric Power
  • Product description: Ideal for small pressurized systems such as: Air conditioning systems, refrigeration units, hydraulic accumulators, gas cylinders, portable compressed air systems, high pressure cleaning systems, and

OEM plugs has been applied to a diverse range of industries. Working to the highest possible standards our unique design for manufacture approach allows us to tailor our products to meet the requirements of individual projects.

Kawan Technology has built up significant experience in the design and manufacture of OEM plugs, unions and many other small disc assemblies. This includes electron beam welded discs, capped discs, colour coded, swaged and printed units in a variety of dimensions. We have created an in-depth comparison table to make it easier for companies to find the right OEM plugs for their industries.

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